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10 Ideas to Keep A Toddler Occupied For An Hour On A Rainy Day

So you are stuck inside. Rain? Snow? Too hot? What ever the reason might be, you are probably going a little stir crazy as the hours are slowly ticking by and yet it is only noon.

Without any special supplies, here is a list of 10 ways to keep your tot occupied for an hour.

1. Blanket Fort

The old fashioned go-to is still a classic. Grab some sheets and chairs and create a castle.

2. Shaving Cream Painting

Have a can of shaving cream in the bathroom? Squirt a large amount on a table and have fun drawing pictures or patterns in the white foam. Don't worry - the shaving cream cleans up easily and actually gets your table or counter top sparkling clean. A double win for you and the house!

3. Trail Mix Baking

Spend some time in the kitchen with your little one concocting some trail mix with cereal, raisins, pretzels, puffs, goldfish or anything you might have around in the pantry. Kill some extra time by having them spoon in a small spoonful at a time.

4. Clean Out the Closets with a Fashion Show

Use your time inside to do a little spring cleaning. Have your toddler help you pull out all the clothes in the drawers. Together select which ones still work for the season and which ones do not fit any more.

5. Play Indoor Beach

Dust off your beach towels and bring out the sun glasses. Spread a sheet as the water and one as the sand. Pretend to swim with the teddy bears and bath toys.

6. Throw a Birthday Party for a Favorite Stuffed Animal

Make some decorations with paper and crayons, bake a cake, and sing happy birthday to Mr. Teddy.

7. Build a Tower Town with the Soup Cans

Pull out all the cans in the pantry and have your kids go to town - pun intended. Build a castle, barn, or tower. Seem how tall they can go.

8. Dance Party

"Alexa - play Disney soundtrack" - every parent at some point.

9. Flashlight Fun

Turn off the lights and let them play with a flashlight. Yes, this also works for cats, too. Hide a toy and have the toddler find it with the light. Make shadow puppets. Trace your shadow with crayons. It's amazing how fascinating a flashlight can be.

10. Icecream and Chill

Get out some ice cream. Put two giant scoops in your bowl. Sit back and know that this hour will pass and they can eat veggies tomorrow.

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